Pretty sure Friday was only 5 mins ago?! HOW is it Sunday evening already? 🙈 
I’m already in my pjs, feeling pretty tired after a day of doing all the admin tasks I’ve been putting off for a loooong time. I mean, who really wants to know how much they need to shed out for car insurance? 😪 I’ve called it a day for all the boring tasks and now have a glass of red in one hand, the tv remote in the other and the smell of a roast dinner in the air, bliss ❤️.
📸 by @sarahellen_photography
#MyAspinal #thisiswhistles
My favourite thing about jewellery/accessories, is that they can make the simplest of outfits look that bit snazzier ✨ 
Necklaces: @john_greed #StyleWithJG (gifted)
SO ready to dive into this dreamboat this evening, after a sleep out last night. I have never felt so appreciative for a roof over my head and a warm comfy bed every night ❤️ have the most wonderful weekend ✨
And just like that another weekend is over 🙈 I’ve had a relaxing weekend in Norfolk, filled with lots of food and red wine, which was absolutely what I needed after a busy week! I’m back home now and settling down for the evening, with an agenda of Netflix and then delving into this beauty of a book by @inthefrow ✨ the perfect end to a weekend well spent!