Ever seen someone so happy to have a passion fruit daiquiri in hand? 😏 Rooftop cocktails at the weekend was the best idea 🍹❤️ However, this evening couldn’t look any more different 🙈 currently snuggled under a blanket on the sofa willing the football to finish (just not my cup of tea) so we can watch something else, before an early night. Hope you’ve all made it through the struggle that is Monday ✨
Started off a very rare Sunday at home by sleeping in until 10am (so not like me) and it was an absolute dream 💭😴 spending the rest of the day catching up on life with a big food shop and lots of cleaning/sorting, before plonking myself down on the sofa for a chilled evening with the TV. Sunday’s like this are my fave ❤️
📸 @kirbysmall
OTR II 💃🏻🐝🖤✨
Had the BEST evening last night singing/dancing my heart out to Bey/Jay 🎶 now if I could just rewind 24 hours and do it all again?! ⏮ #OTRII
This morning I had three hours to sort myself out, pack my bag and get to the train station and I was still rushing to get there 🤦🏻‍♀️ why am I like this? 😂 anyone else?! I got a jog on and made it to the station (complete with a sula) and am now en route to London whilst listening to the OTR II playlist for the one millionth time in preparation for Bey this evening 💃🏻 🐝 not sure I’ve gone on about it enough... 🙈