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I was so excited when I heard Fleur De Force would be creating her very own lipstick shade, along with 9 other beauty influencers with MAC Cosmetics. MAC are 100% my favourite lipsticks, I definitely own too many, and Fleur is such an inspiration in the blogging/youtube world, so I knew I had to get my hands on one of these.

I was sooo happy when I managed to purchase the lipstick slightly earlier than expected for its UK launch, and could not wait for it to arrive. It was a bit of a risk purchasing it, as I hadn’t seen it in real life yet, but from what I had seen on Fleur’s Instagram, I was sure I would love it. It is described on MACs website as a cool beige, but it definitely is slightly browner on me, as I am super pale. Check out my friend Megan’s post for an example of what it looks like on a darker skin tone than mine!

The finish for this lipstick is Cremesheen, which is a finish I had actually never had before. I usually go for a matte finish, but actually love this shade in a slightly glossier finish, and find it so creamy and soft to apply onto the lips. It is much more longlasting than I thought, once applied it lasts a few hours on the lips, and wears really well!

Another feature I love about this lipstick is the packaging, good packaging always wins me over. The overlay with Fleur’s signature on is slightly raised, which makes it feel like an actual sticker that has been put on there. I am so pleased they kept with the classic lipstick casing for the actual lipstick, it wouldn’t be the same without it!

I am so pleased I managed to get one of these for my every growing lipstick collection. It wouldn’t have been right to miss out on such an exciting launch, especially as Fleur formulated the lipsticks in the MAC Cosmetics headquarters in Toronto!

Did anyone else get their hands on this lipstick, or even the other UK Beauty Influencers lipstick by Alessandra Steinherr?


Frances xxx


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