15 April, 2017


As you may or may not know, I will be turning 21 on Easter Monday (the excitement is real), and the anticipation of the big day has got me thinking about what I’ve learnt in my time on this earth, so far. Maybe some of you will be able to relate to some of these things!! Here goes…

1. No one has a clue what they are doing. So many people seem like they have their life in control, but they are probably fooling you. Life is complicated and I don’t think anyone is hand on heart 100% certain about what they are doing, it’s all just a guessing game really!

2. Parents usually know best. I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who let me make my own decisions without any prompting. But whenever I’ve been unsure, I’ve always turned to them and they’ve guided me in the right direction.

3. This leads on to… Appreciate your parents. They brought you up, taught you everything you know, and will always have your back. No one deserves your gratitude more than them. I also think that grandparents fit into this category too!

4. Spend time with your family and friends. They are some of the most important people in your life, making memories with them is super important.

5. Some friends aren’t meant to stay (and that is okay). I truly believe that some people are brought into your life, not to stay, but to teach you lessons. Whether it is how to love, how to have fun or how to be a loyal friend, sometimes it just isn’t meant to be forever.

6. Boys will make you cry. Sorry boys, but you’re stupid, you totally do do this. It sucks and it will break your heart. But one day you will find someone who you fall completely in love with, hold on to them for sure.

7. Let go of the people who don’t value or respect you. Holding onto the people who don’t know your worth or drag you down is such a waste of time. Being around negative people, will without a doubt have a negative effect on your life. Get rid.

8. Be a yes person. Take every single opportunity that presents itself to you, you can never have too much under your belt. Experience is priceless.

9. Also be a no person. Respect yourself enough to decline things you just don’t want to do. And when someone is taking advantage of you, whether that be in work or in a friendship, learn to say no.

10. Life experiences are better than materialistic objects. I cannot deny that I absolutely love clothes, makeup and buying nice/expensive things. But experiences/travel shape us and teach us much more than buying a new pair of shoes.

11. Don’t settle for less. Always strive to better yourself, you never know what it will bring. And if you’re unhappy in something (a job, a relationship) don’t settle for it, move on, do better things. You deserve it!!

12. Always be kind to others. One of the simplest ways to make the world a better place.

13. Sleep is so important. We can’t function without sleep. Make sure you get enough to keep you going and achieving amazing things.

14. It’s okay not to be a morning person. Some of us literally just cannot function in the morning, me being one of them!!

15. Look after your body and mind. You can’t exchange either of these for a new one, so be sure to look after them. They are with you for life.

16. Crying is totally fine. Contrary to belief, crying does not make you weak. In fact, a good cry can make you feel much better, so let it allllll out!

17. Ask for help/admit when you’re wrong. We learn a lot from people, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Admitting when you’re wrong will also help you on the way to getting the help to make you succeed!

18. Failure is inevitable. None of us are perfect. But failure for me, is detrimental to our life learning process. Embrace it and succeed in the next thing you do.

19. You don’t need to justify your choices to others. You are your own person, no one should hold you back. Do you and don’t feel guilty for it (unless its something stupid obvs).

20. Comparing yourself to others is a waste of time. This is something so many of us do, and a subject I’ve written about before. No two people can be the same, so comparing is pointless!

21. Love yourself and know your worth!! Easier said than done, but love who you are. I am not talking about being big headed and showing off, but be proud of your achievements, proud of the person you grow into every day, because you’re stuck with yourself for life!


Frances xxx


15 responses to “21 THINGS I’VE LEARNT IN 21 YEARS”

  1. annmcgrath28@icom.com says:

    Such wise wonderful words Fra ?????

  2. Ella says:

    I love this babe! Everything you said is so true! I think I still need to learn the last 3 or at least handle them a little better. I am definitely struggling to love myself but I am also realising that I’ve hidden my true feelings away for a long time to get through the daily struggles in life. And it’s a good think that I’m starting to pay attention to myself again! If that makes sense :).

  3. I think I agree with you on every single thing especially with parents knowing best. There were a few things I wanted to do as a teenager that my parents wouldn’t allow and I’m so glad that was the case as I would really regret those things now. They may have annoyed us growing up but they’re outdoing us on life experience and sometimes it’s better to listen to them!
    I hope you have an amazing birthday!!

  4. Megan mccoig says:

    Absolutely love this post babe! Eek that it’s so close to your big 2 1!!! Definitely agree with you on these haha!

  5. Rachael Dickinson says:

    Great list! Believe me, there’ll be a longer one once you reach 26!

    Rachael xox

  6. Amy Coles says:

    I love this post, and I totally agree with all of these!

  7. Gee knight says:

    I love parents know best! I used to always ignore my mum but now I take her advice as she is right most of the time! Haha

    Looking after your mind and body is such a top priority as you get older! Xx

  8. Hannah says:

    Happy belated birthday lovely, hope you had a great day! I definitely need to become more of a ‘yes’ person!!

  9. These are so true! I really need to learn to love myself though, because that’s very important!

  10. lydiaxnicole says:

    This is a fab list! I agree with everything that you’ve said! I hope that you had an absolutely amazing 21st birthday! xxx

  11. Parents usually know best! Love this and it’s so true!!! My mum always seemed to have a knack for who the fake friends and the bad boyfriends were! X

  12. I love these kinds of lists, they always remind me to appreciate my life and the things in it right now! It’s so important to not settle for less and to not compare your life to others either. Totally my top two things I’ve learnt!
    Tasmin | http://www.grandiosedays.com

  13. Charlotte says:

    I totally agree with all of these! Such a fabulous list and I hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday my lovely xx

    Charlotte // http://fadingtulips.blogspot.co.uk

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