12 November, 2017


We are all busier than ever, with work and just life really. I feel like the fast pace lifestyle we have all become used to, leaves a lot of us with such little time to relax and wind down; something I love to do when I find the time! And when I do find the time, as it is not that often – I make sure that I do it properly!

Every now and again, I like to go all out and really indulge in a super pampering and relaxing self care day (or two!), to completely recharge my batteries, kick start my motivation again, and mainly, just because I want to! It also gives me the chance to use all of my favourite luxury beauty items, to make myself feel beautiful, and one of my favourites to use at the minute to really make me feel pampered is the new Addictive Arts Perfume* range, by Clive Christian – definitely the finishing touch to my pamper routine!

First off, I am incredibly lucky to be in the position where I can whisk myself and Matthew off for a night away every now and again. I really feel my happiest when I get to spend quality time with him, and with Matthew working away a lot recently, we thought what better way is there to completely relax than stay in the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel @ The Shard. With an infinity pool, gym and insane views; and the comfiest, biggest beds going – this really is a hub of relaxation, and gives me all the opportunity to chill out and recharge!

On a major relaxation day, I put the term ‘Netflix and Chill’ to really good practise. Wrapping up in a cosy dressing gown, snuggling under the covers and selecting my favourite series, or a feel good film allows me to switch off very quickly and easily and engross myself in the film. Of course, this can’t be done without a cup of tea and all my favourite snacks!

I am also a huge lover of hot bubble baths, and a long soak does me the world of good. And what better place than to have a soak than here? It is so surreal having to with these incredible views – I wish I could do it all day, everyday! Whilst in the bath, I also love taking good care of my skin. I keep up with a good skincare routine anyway, but love to indulge in a really nourishing face mask and take my time, rather than rushing to fit one in an evening during my work week.

Good food is without a doubt, one of my biggest loves in life. And any opportunity to not cook and really enjoy the food without having to prepare it, I’ll take! After a bath, I wrap myself back up in that dressing gown, put my favourite music on, and take my time to do my hair and makeup so that I can get myself out to a restaurant for all that yummy food. As someone who is addicted to anything beauty, I find getting ready really relaxing and theraputic. I grab all of my favourite makeup products and all things necessary to do my hair, and go through the usual routine of getting ready – but probably taking 10 times longer than normal, because by this time I’m feeling super zen!

Once I’m all ready, it is time for the finishing touch. Perfume. I absolutely cannot go out without applying perfume, it definitely completes an outfit for me, and one of my favourite things to indulge in. My perfume of choice for really special occasions right now – and a relaxing pamper day is most definitely one of those occasions – is the beautiful White Rose Floral scent from the Addictive Arts Perfume range. A suite of three perfume pairs, the Ecstatic fragrance from the Jump up and Kiss Me Quick pair, is the perfect evening scent for me. It had me at the mention of Pink Pepper in this scent, and is the perfect combination of floral and musk – which if you know me well, is my favourite type of scent. The best thing about these fragrances for me, is that they come in pairs, and fortunately enough, Matthew loves the Hedonistic fragrance from the Jump up and Kiss Me Quick pair, which means we can match whilst out on our date night – can’t help but find this kinda cute.

And now, time for dinner. The perfect end to a super indulgent, relaxing, pamper day. Already cannot wait to do it all over again!

What do you love to do to pamper yourself?


Frances xxx

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6 responses to “INDULGING IN A PAMPER DAY”

  1. Sare says:

    Loved the post Frances! The images look insane and the thought of pink peppermint in a perfume has me wanting to try it!

  2. Lexilife says:

    Beautiful post! This was deffo one of these that I wish I had smellivision, it sounds amazing. Also I love that shot of you in bed (sounds wrong but you look stunning) xx

    • Frances Hemmant says:

      Thanks girl!!! HAHA smellivision – never heard anyone say that, love it haha!! Thanks cutie, the bed was sooooo cosy!!! xxx

  3. Megan McCoig says:

    Ah babe such a gorgeous post. I hope you had the best time and feel as zen as ever. Your stay looked beautiful and I must go there one day. Also, those Fragrances sound so lush and perfect for a date night! Xxx

    • Frances Hemmant says:

      Thanks gorg! I feel soooo chilled, so nice to have some time away from everything! You definitely must go! Perfect fragrances for date night, all matchy haha xxx

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