27 March, 2017


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen on my stories that just over a week ago, I attended Blog Con London, a blogging conference organised by Scarlett London. A massive hats off to Scarlett for organising this, she pulls off every single event she organises, and they are run so smoothly. She takes the time to talk to anyone there and is so lovely and genuine, I cannot wait to see what is next for her! The event was held at the Queen Elizabeth Centre, Westminster, the perfect venue for such an event (once I found it lol, thanks to Kirby for saving me, who also became my event buddy for the whole day!), and the same venue used for the Go Glam Gala I attended a few months back (which would make you think I would’ve known where I was going…) This was definitely an event not to be missed, and left me so inspired after talking to lots of brands and bloggers.

The event allowed for lots of networking and socialising, with quite a few brands set up within the event to talk to, the perfect kind of mix for me. I actually could not believe how many people were there, the room was buzzing with lots of excitement and chatter, it was such an amazing turn out. It was also so lovely to see some familiar faces, people that I had met before, and of course to see new faces, I really love talking to new people and finding new blogs to support!

All the brands there, had their own little table set up, full of their product, and a lot of them were giving samples out too! There were quite a few beauty brands there, which is a beauty bloggers dream, and a few other fashion, jewellery and health care brands thrown into the mix… more to come about those!! One thing I really loved about the day though, were the talks that were held at different tables by peers in the blogging world who are absolutely bossing it. They were asked to share their experiences and hold talks on certain aspects of blogging; I really enjoyed this part, and am so sad I couldn’t listen to every single one of them, because I know that they all had something so valuable to say. Whilst on this subject I just want to mention two ladies who particularly bossed their talks, and you should definitely check out there blogs, so glad I got to see you do your thing Hayley and Vix!

I also made sure that I went around every brand to see who was there, as there were brands I’d never seen before and was keen to learn more and hear about their products! Unfortunately as it was so busy on the day, I didn’t get chance to photograph every table, but below are a few picks from the day!

Johnny Loves Rosie

This premium jewellery brand stood out to me so much on the day. I fell in love with every single piece of jewellery on their table, and photographed it a lot! There were pieces here that could be worn every day, or for special occasions, and I particularly loved the star sign necklaces, such a cute idea. The monogram clutch bags were also sooo pretty, I basically loved everything! The PR girls at the table were also so chatty and friendly!



Love Inc

This brand stood out to me so much, because of the amazing neon lights they had!! They specialise in gifts, and I definitely need to gift someone one of their candles soon, because they smelt incredible!! I absolutely loved the vibe of this brand, and I could see myself planting a few things from them around my flat.

Natural World Hair

This brand were so informative, and listened to my exact hair type and recommend the right products for me. I came away with a sample to try and was so impressed by their knowledge and the affordability of the products. You can actually find them in Tesco, so if you’re looking for affordable, natural hair care then definitely give them a try! They also had a really cool hair braiding set up, but I didn’t actually take advantage of this due to going straight out after the event and wanting to keep my short hair in place!

Chi Chi London

This set up was so amazing! They had beautiful dresses on rails for you to look at, and the staff here were so lovely too. They also had a huge lit up mirror which also had a hidden camera. Another winner was they gave me a cute bag of sweets, an easy way to win me over!!


This brand were so informative about the ingredients used in their products, and the results from them sound amazing!! They were so lovely and said they would send samples out for me to try, so I am really looking forward to seeing what it can do for me!

One final brand I spoke to, who’s cleansing balm I have used many times since receiving a sample of it and have loved, were Merumaya. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of this stand , but I would definitely recommend checking this brand out if you are a skincare enthusiast!

Overall, it was such a fab event, I am so glad that I could make it and got to speak to lots of lovely brands and bloggers!

Have any of you tried any products or bought from any of these brands before?


Frances xxx



8 responses to “#BLOGCONLDN 2017”

  1. Rachael Dickinson says:

    Great post! I think I’ll have to make the effort to attend next year!

    Rachael xox

  2. lydiaxnicole says:

    Fab post, this looks like a great event! I love Johnny Loves Rosie products too xxx

  3. Gee knight says:

    I went to blogcon too! It was so good wasn’t it! Love your pictures xxx

  4. Megan mccoig says:

    I so wish I came. It looked so good and it sounds like you had to much fun. I really wanted to see Vix’s talk to!!

  5. I love reading this! You write so well and I’m so glad you had a great time buddy. Hopefully we’ll meet some day too 🙂 – great photography as always!

  6. Amy Coles says:

    Wow it looks like you had an amazing time! I wish I could’ve come, I’ll definitely have to try to make it next year! Xxx

  7. I’d love to attend next year! This seems like it could be so much fun! X

  8. Ella says:

    I really wanted to go to Blogcon but it just was too far coming all the way from Belgium! I also wanted to see Vix & just meet some of you guys!

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