5 January, 2016


img_6020 Hello again!

For my first ‘proper’ blog I decided to give you a little insight into the things I loved and used the most in December, my ‘December Favourites’.

1. Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser – Dry/Sensitive I am a firm believer that a good moisturiser is a necessity for everyone. My Grandma is very knowledgable on skincare, and it was her who first introduced this product to me quite a few years ago. During the winter months, I suffer really badly with dry/flakey skin, especially in my T zone. This moisturiser is absolutely perfect for combatting that. I had been using a Clinique moisturiser for quite a while, but at the end of November decided to switch back to my trusty Liz Earle, and I can honestly say I have fallen back in love with it. As the saying goes, it does exactly what it says on the tin. When I first repurchased this product my face was already becoming very dry from the slight temperature drop, which was fixed in days as it intensely moisturised my skin. My skin has also become very smooth, giving my skin a visibly more flawless look instead of the usual patchy foundation marks I struggled with because of dry skin. My skin in itself has felt healthier and revived. For people like myself, who suffer from dry/sensitive skin, this product is perfect as it uses only natural ingredients, giving it a really light and refreshing smell and texture. This product comes in three options for different skin types, Combination/Oily, Normal/Combination and Dry/Sensitive. You can browse this range on uk.lizearle.com.

2. Aēsop Protective Lip Balm SPF 30

Staying on the topic of skincare, I have searched high and low for years for the perfect lip balm to carry around with me and prevent my lips from becoming dry, and I have finally found it! It was actually my boyfriend who bought this for me, he is a big fan of Aēsop skin care and I had been complaining non stop about my dry lips, so he bought it for me to try. Again this product includes natural ingredients, giving it a refreshing and distinctive smell. The texture of the lip balm is smooth, yet almost chalky (in a good way) which allows it to stay put on your lips and not get everywhere. I love that it is in a stick as it makes it so easy to apply, unlike Vaseline, as if you’re like me the remains on my finger would be wiped onto my jeans leaving a nice greasy mark behind… whoops. You can find this product on www.aesop.com/uk.

3. MAC Matte Lipstick – Mehr

For all of you who know me well, you will know I have a ridiculous obsession with lipsticks, especially those of the MAC kind. The past month I have found myself absolutely obsessed with the shade Mehr, which is described as a dirty blue pink. This lipstick is Matte, which is my favourite kind of finish, I don’t think I really suit glossier finishes as well. Working in a high end clothing store I have to ensure I look my best, so every morning before work I without fail apply my makeup with precision and literally cannot go out of the house without lipstick on, I feel like my face is naked. I love MAC lipsticks because they are so long lasting and the range of colours on offer is incredible. I have loved this shade so much this month as it really goes well with my skin tone, (I am very pale!) and really brings out the blue in my eyes, which I believe is due to the slight blue pigmentation in the lipstick. This lipstick is available online at www.maccosmetics.co.uk, or in stores such as  House of Fraser and Harrods.

4. MAC x Giambattista Valli Lipstick – Charlotte

Surprise surprise, it’s another lipstick!! Back in July, I was lucky enough to get my hands on two of the Mac lipstick collaboration with Giambattista Valli, Charlotte and Tats (they sold out in seconds). During the Christmas period I loved wearing the shade Charlotte. It is a really rich red and is perfect for spicing up an all black outfit for the evening. I wore this lipstick on many occasions over christmas and had a number of comments on how rich the colour was. Again, this lipstick is Matte and I love how long lasting it is. Unfortunately this lipstick is no longer available, however I find the shade ‘Chilli’ really similar which can be found on www.maccosmetics.co.uk.

5. Marks and Spencer Coconut Blossom Candle img_6004

Another one of my favourite things are candles. The girls I live with especially know this as I am always burning candles. My favourite candle in December was ‘Coconut Blossom’ by Marks and Spencer. Although it isn’t a very Christmassy scent,  I really enjoyed burning it just before I went to sleep as the scent is really calming. The scent is exactly how you would expect it to be from the name, and isn’t at all overpowering. I am really impressed at how long the candle has lasted, bearing in mind I burnt it every night, some nights for around 2 hours and I have still only burnt about half of it. You can buy this candle online by clicking here, or going into a Marks and Spencer store and heading to the homeware section.

I hope you found this interesting and maybe found some inspiration for what could become your January favourites!

Thanks for reading.


Frances xxx

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  1. ann mcgrath says:

    I’m very impressed fra xxxx no wonder your skin is so beautiful ?

  2. Mary Rick says:

    You know I don’t do make only lipstick so nice to read about them, but I must say the skin care sounds really good and I’m going to give it a try xxx

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