8 June, 2020

DIY BRIDESMAID BOXES! – Ideas for your bridesmaid proposal.

Almost six months down the line since getting engaged and I have finally asked all of my bridesmaids! I knew as soon as I got engaged who my bridesmaids would be, in fact I knew before getting engaged and even thinking of a wedding! 3 of them are family and the other 3 close friends who I have been friends with for years and years!

The majority of these boxes were put together only a few weeks after we had got engaged, as it was around Christmas time so I wanted to ask the 3 family members as a little extra Christmas gift! I also saw my friends around this time and wish I had asked them then too as due to lockdown in the UK (writing this in May 2020) I have not seen any of them for months. So the original plan went out the window of devising a plan to get them all together and ask them in one go and I decided to send the boxes out and ask them virtually as time is ticking on and it is getting harder and harder by the day to avoid talking about wedding plans without discussing the fact they will be bridesmaids!

I knew that I wanted to give them a few little gifts to ask them to be my bridesmaid and wanted to make it a bit personal, and with six bridesmaids I could have easily have spent hundreds and hundreds on boxes and gifts for them but weddings are costly as a whole so decided to go down the DIY route but with still a lovely end result (in my opinion)! I have also made a video which shows a little more detail on how these boxes were made and actually asking my bridesmaids which you can watch here:

I knew that I wanted boxes with names on, so took a trip to Hobbycraft to get a bit of an idea of what I could do and actually came away from there with everything I needed to make the boxes. Honestly these boxes came together so quickly and easily! I knew that I wanted them to be simple but pretty, and I stumbled upon these brown paper heart boxes which were simple but cute and suitable for all the ages of my bridesmaids without being too girly/childish! I then stuck on metallic scrabble letter tiles, to add that little bit of personalisation. Unfortunately, these don’t seem to be in stock on the website anymore, but these wooden tiles are similar. I filled the box with shredded paper to pad it out a little, and to make it look that bit nicer.

Inside the box I wanted to include little gifts which were bridesmaid related and suitable for all ages, but not tat that would just end up getting thrown away. So for all six I included a small wooden heart which can be hung up (cannot find online, but again lots of places sell these), a small notebook for each person (bought from TK Maxx) and a pink ‘bridesmaid’ sleep mask which I cannot wait for everyone to use together either at hen do’s or the night before the wedding! I of course bought myself the bride’ version!

As additional little treats I also put some fudge/twirl chocolate bars into the younger bridesmaids boxes and then bought Hotel Chocolat chocolates for my older bridesmaids, pink champagne truffles for my three friends and a milk chocolate slab for Matthew’s sister! As well as mini gins for the older girls too!

Finally, I knew I wanted to write a little note for each of my bridesmaids to keep to let them know the importance of having them their by my side on my big day. I found these gorgeous cards from Papier (aff link). They are such good quality and I love the design on the front. If you have never shopped with Papier before you can get £15 off your first order. Using that code will give me £10 credit to use on Papier website, but it does not cost you any extra!

I was honestly so pleased with how this turned out, and there are so many options for little gifts that you can get for your bridesmaids! Etsy is an amazing site to find a lot of personalised options and one of my personal faves which I will remember for the future is a brand called ‘normadorothy’. One of my lovely friends from university, Charlotte, bought us this amazing candle when we got engaged and I have since discovered that you can get them to ask ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ on them too, and choose the scent! Find the candle here. A lovely way to ask your bridesmaids!

Hope this has given any bride-to-be some inspiration for asking your bridesmaids, and how to gather little gifts yourself! I’d love to know how you asked yours or plan on doing so!


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