13 May, 2020


Lockdown has had us all looking for anything to do around the house to fill that extra time, and for me it started with sprucing up the bookcase in my living room which I had wanted to do for ages. We got some paint from Wilko in Intense Blueberry as the bookcase was quite cheap so we didn’t want to buy expensive paint when we know the bookcase will probably be ditched whenever our next house move happens. The bookcase definitely added another dimension to a very white living room and I am so happy with the end result! With a lot of paint left over and an itch for a feature wall in our bedroom, we decided to go for it!

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Bookcase DIY glow up 😍✨ Swipe for before ➡️ We were really bored of everything looking SO white in this corner of the living room and the bookcase was looking tired, so we gave it a little bit of a refresh! We just took the back board of the bookcase off and painted it with @lovewilko ‘Intense Blueberry’ and I LOVE the result 🎨

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With neither of us having painted a wall, what could possibly go wrong?! Luckily, the wall was plain white already, so we didn’t need to correct any colour already on it and could just go straight ahead with the paint! We were a bit apprehensive about using the cheap paint left over for the wall, but were prepared for any corrections needed if the result wasn’t exactly what we expected.

However, we were actually quite pleased with the result!!! We painted 2 full coats, going over parts that were a bit patchy as we went along as we didn’t have the biggest of brushes as you can see in the picture below!

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Didn’t take much convincing to get the paint back out for a navy feature wall in the bedroom 🙌🏼 We have wanted to do this for ages, but never bothered for one reason or another so I’m v excited to see the end result. Also can we please appreciate that this is the only size roller we could get our hands on, it better be worth it 😅 (Can also see a lil glimpse my F&M ❤️ in the background because I am cringe and not ashamed)

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A few other tips for any first time painters:

  1. If you are going to use masking tape to cover skirting boards and boarders double it up! We had a couple of areas where the paint bled through the tape, this was really easy to fix up and just wiped off the skirting boards but probably could’ve been avoided.
  2. It is so easy to get into a fast rhythm of painting, but slowing down means less splattering of paint all over you and other walls!
  3. Give the wall a quick dust and clean before painting, this ensures a nice smooth paint finish!
  4. Try and start at a time when you have plenty of day light left. We started a bit later in the day and by the time we were finishing the second coat it was dark, so we then had a few very small areas we needed to patch up the next day due to relying on false light!

You can watch my short IGTV DIY bedroom wall video here:

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Little transformation video from a completely white bedroom to a feature wall in ‘Intense Blueberry’ by @lovewilko 🎨. Do not judge our incredibly amateur painting skills 😅 we had the teeniest little brushes and rollers to use, but think we still managed to do a decent job! So glad we decided to go for it, if you are thinking about a feature wall then DO IT!! Bedside tables: @therangeuk White bedding: @ikeauk Pink bedding: @nextofficial Cushions: @hmhome Prints: @juniqeartshop (previously gifted) Bedside lamps: @marksandspencerhomepr Plant pot: @homesense_ukie ❤️❤️

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