16 March, 2019

Dreamy nights with Simba Sleep

This post contains a gifted item from Simba and an affiliate link.
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I have ALWAYS loved my sleep. My Mum often recalls how easy it was to take me out as a baby and young child as I would fall asleep whilst being out and she could transfer me to my cot without me waking, and honestly I am pretty much still like that now! I remember joking as a child that if I could marry my bed, I would… bit weird?? But seriously, I really really love being in bed. And once I am asleep, I am asleep and there is no waking me, literally… I can even sleep through my alarm clock!

A few things I have noticed as I have gotten a bit older though, is my inability to fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow, and waking up from sleep feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead, rather than wanting to bury myself back under the covers and not resurface. I am never ever going to be a morning person, that is something that I have come to terms with as fact, rather than convincing myself that I can train myself to be, but any help I can get to get a better nights sleep to make me feel that bit more refreshed in the morning is certainly welcome!

And that is where my new best friend comes in… seriously, it is my new best friend. I was soooo beyond myself with excitement when I new I would be getting a brand new Simba Hybrid Mattress. With a mix of pocket springs and memory foam, I was so excited to get rid of my current mattress and test drive a Simba Hybrid Mattress. Having had my mattress for over 10 years, it was absolutely about time for a new one, and possibly the reason for me tossing and turning to get to sleep and not waking up feeling my best. I had also never had a memory foam mattress before, so was keen to feel the difference from my standard spring mattress!

There was a part of me that was sceptical about seeing a huge difference in my sleep, and I don’t know why because WOW has it changed so much with this mattress! I honestly cannot get over the difference in how quickly I fall asleep, I was definitely a bit of a fidget and would spend ages trying to get to sleep before. Not only has the time reduced it takes for me to get to sleep, but my quality of sleep is far far better than before too. I wake up feeling actually refreshed, unlike before when all I would want to do is crawl back in to bed to get an extra bit of sleep.

For anyone struggling with sleep, whether that is getting to sleep, staying asleep, or quality of sleep – think about your mattress! I honestly did not think there was anything wrong with my old one. Yes, it had a few stains and was a fair few years old, but to me it was still comfy and did the job… although it was obviously wasn’t doing a very good job as my sleep has improved more than I ever thought it could! And don’t forget, you can get Β£75 your first Simba Mattress purchase here!*

*affiliate link

3 responses to “Dreamy nights with Simba Sleep”

  1. urbanwheelz says:

    Hope you like it? I’m still dreaming of TEMPUR. Have you tried that one?

    Eva | Urbanwheelz.co.uk

    • Frances Hemmant says:

      I haven’t personally ever had one, but my grandparents do and I find that actually a little too hard!! I love this one though xx

  2. Kirby Small says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about Simba, I’m the same as you – once I’m asleep there is really no waking me! This mattress sounds so dreamy xx

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