11 July, 2017


Recently I have found myself quite stressed with focussing on my big move to Cambridge in just over a month, finding a new house and constantly ticking over my thoughts of what I should do in terms of my career once we have moved; along with many other life thoughts I have going on. But what I have also realised is, stressing is a total waste of time, but finding a balance in life is super important, and actually makes me more productive in general!

I have always found it quite hard to find a good life balance, especially the past few years with working full time. I find even general life can take up lots of time daily, so fitting in other things such as blogging, getting to the gym and even relaxing can be difficult. I am definitely the kind of person who loves to be busy and always have plans in the diary to keep me with things to look forward to, but what I have realised recently more than ever, is that sometimes you can do too much, and that balance to fit everything in, is best.

I thought I’d share with you a few ways to keep a good life balance in your life, which work well for me:


Sometimes in life, we simply cannot do everything, and things have to give. This doesn’t mean they have to give completely, maybe even just for one day. I find prioritising tasks everyday or even weekly, whichever works best for you, really allows you to find a good balance and not over do it. For example for me, I have to prioritise going to work on the 5 days a week that I need to be there, over anything else. I literally cannot miss work, else I cannot pay my bills and live my life… plus I’d be in a lot of trouble too! And then each day I prioritise things I’d like to do after work, such as blogging, going to the gym or just relaxing. Each day is different, and sometimes I come home and just completely chill because I need that time to recharge, mainly because I legit just wanna do nothing haha! For me, having too much to do is demotivating, so prioritising what really needs to be done in the day, and being more realistic makes it so much easier. Lists can also help with this, I LOVE a good list!! If you have a lot to do, write it down and then tick it off as you go along. Ticking it off and watching your list get smaller is the most satisfying thing ever!!


Even though some days I really have to drag myself to the gym, I actually find it makes such a difference to my attitude towards life, I always feel much more positive. Not only does it make me feel much more positive, it gives me the chance to relieve any stress and boost my energy levels, which in turn makes me more productive! Going to the gym or exercise classes aren’t for everyone, and if that’s not your thing, event taking a walk in the evening may help to lift your mood.


I also find taking the time to relax, is super important to keep a good balance. No matter how much you have got going on, forcing yourself to relax for even just 20 mins/half an hour could make the world of difference. There are so many different ways that we all like to relax, and mine is definitely by watching something I love on TV, *cough* Love Island, or YouTube, reading a few blog posts, spending time with my boyfriend, or a nice long bath!! Whatever you love to do to relax, make sure you find the time to do it! I find that relaxing gives my brain the time it needs to really unwind, and then I find I get a better quality of sleep, so I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

Days out seeing family and friends are also great ways to relax for me. Although I might be busy physically, I find that mentally I relax because I get to have a great time chatting away about life to them. I always find myself laughing which is such a great tonic too, so make sure you spend time with loved ones!


I love having goals to keep me truly motivated and on my toes. I find that I can become quite unmotivated if I don’t have anything to strive for. These goals are what makes up my future, and although it is sometimes hard to have a clear set of goals, having even a rough idea can keep you focussed and driven. I also find that taking time out to relax feels much more worth it if you’re working towards something! Life balance for me really is about working hard, so by setting goals I am allowing myself the perfect balance of both!!

What kind of things do you do to keep a life balance?


Frances xxx

3 responses to “FINDING A LIFE BALANCE”

  1. LuxeStyle says:

    I find it so important to make sure I have time to relax too, otherwise I feel so exhausted. Exercising is so important too – I love going for walks x


  2. Kirby Small says:

    Beautiful photos Frances, you look amazing! I’m so similar to you, but completely agree it’s so important to prioritise and keep a good balance! Xx

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