4 January, 2017


I almost forgot… but remembered just in time, that today (04/01/17), my blog turned one!!

I just wanted to write a quick post to say what an amazing year it has been, and how grateful I am for everyone’s support, whether that be from family, friends or complete strangers I have spoken to in the blogging community. I am by no means an expert blogger, or getting a crazy amount of views, but the fact that there are people actually reading, taking an interest and supporting me is amazing in itself!

Starting my blog was such a risk for me at the time, as I wasn’t feeling hugely confident within myself, but had such a passion for beauty/lifestyle, and wanted my own space to write about things I love. And mainly, share my passion with others! In the past year it has definitely helped to rebuild my confidence, from the wonderful feedback/comments people have given me, to the joy of writing every single blog post. Knowing that people enjoy reading my blog and say they can relate to it is absolutely amazing, who knew I could actually blab a few thoughts down onto a screen and give people enjoyment from reading it?! Thank you SO much!

I also want to say, to anyone who may be thinking of starting a blog, and is hesitant, just go for it!!! Blogging has connected me with such amazing, lovely and hard working people, who truly support everything you do. And most importantly for me, it gives you the freedom to express your thoughts/passions (makeup lol)!

Here is to many many more years running my blog, and thanks for reading!

Soooo much love,

Frances xxx


3 responses to “FIRST BLOG BIRTHDAY”

  1. Megan mccoig says:

    Happy Blog birthday girlie! So proud of you and your achievements. Supportive of you girl! Much love, mwah xxxx

  2. Beautylymin says:

    Happy Blogiversary! xx

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