14 June, 2018

‘Glow To Go’, Chemical Peel @ Viva Skin Clinic

If you’re anything like me, and love skincare/looking after your skin, then this one is for you! A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to visit Dr Rupert at Viva Skin Clinic on Old Street for his latest Chemical Peel Treatment, Glow Peel.
The two main benefits of this treatment are exactly what is says on the tin, all of the glow and in only half an hour. And for someone who works full time and doesn’t always have the time for a full out facial – this sounded perfect!

What is a chemical peel?
A chemical peel consists of a chemical solution applied on to the skin and causes the top layer of the skin (epidermis) to peel off. It might sound slightly scary, but the process is actually really manageable, without looking like a snake who is shedding their skin!

The process
When I arrived at Viva Skin Clinic, I was welcomed by Dr Rupert and the receptionist, who asked me to fill out a medical form to ensure that it was safe for me to go ahead with the Chemical Peel. It was all fine, so I went ahead into the consultion room and spoke to Dr Rupert about my skin. My skin is senstive and naturally quite dry, which I combat with using a lot of moisturisers/masks/oils, but every now and again, dependent on the weather, my T-Zone can get slightly oily. I also have quite high pigmentation in my skin – which you will see from the pictures below! Dr Rupert explained that the peel is aimed to target the texture of the skin, so it will be much smoother, as it is the deepest form of exfoliation, so will reveal fresh and glowy skin – but will not help directly with my pigmentation as it is so high, but I should notice a slight reduction in redness. This was fine with me, as I knew what I was signing up for before I went, and hadn’t expected it to combat any pigmentation issues.

The consultation process was around 10 minutes long, and it was then time for the actual chemical peel process. The process was really simple and literally consists of the chemical solution being brushed onto your skin. With the Glow Peel, there are 3 stages. As each step is applied onto the skin your skin does start to heat up, and does feel weird, but there is no pain at all. If you have ever been embrassed and felt your face go bright red, it actually feels very similar to that! Once it starts to cool down, the next step is applied… and so on until the 3 stages are complete. I actually had the solution applied twice, as Dr Rupert thought that it was enough for my skin and would work well without needing the third. That probably comes with having sensitive skin, and I trusted Dr Rupert’s opinion, as he is the professional. The actual chemical peel application took around 10 minutes, so it really is the kind of treatment you can pop and have done whenever, rather than having to book a morning or afternoon out of work!

Straight after the treatment, my skin looked quite frosted, and my skin slightly redder and tighter than normal, which was expected! I was told to leave it on for around 5 hours before washing it off, and then just applying moisturiser as normal. For the next few days I tried to keep my skin as clear from any makeup as possible, and just applied a good SPF and my normal every day Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. It is important to apply an SPF after a chemical peel due to the skin being much more sensitive, so if you decide to go for one – definitely ensure you do that!

Anyway… onto the results!

Day 1 and 2

I had the Chemical Peel done on a Tuesday evening, and the Wednesday and Thursday after the peel, not that much happened. My skin felt quite dry and tight, and I could tell that there was a layer forming to peel off. On Day 1 there was absolutely no peeling, and Day 2 a very minimal amount on my chin. I tried to explain the feel of it to Matt, who said ‘ohhh is it like when you have one of the peel face masks on, and you’ve left it on for too long and it needs peeling off?’ and that is EXACTLY how it felt. Slightly uncomfortable but not awful.

Day 3 and 4

Friday was when the peeling REALLY kicked in, and I couldn’t wait to see the fresh skin appear. Most of the peeling was around my nose, mouth and chin area at this point, and the fresh skin appearing was SO smooth. My cheeks still felt somewhat tight so I knew that I more peeling was to come. On Saturday (day 4), I did pop a slight bit of makeup on as I went to meet a friend for brunch, and when I came home I honestly couldn’t get it off fast enough. I knew I had been told not to wear it for a reason, my skin was super itchy, so I slathered it in moisturiser and listened to the advice for the next few days!!

Day 5 and 6

Day 5 definitely brought out the most peeling, with small but a lot of small flakes around my cheeks and into my jawline. This was not itchy whatsoever and I knew it really was coming to an end now. Plenty of moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated and steering clear of makeup did the trick, and by day 6 there was very minimal peeling, only some around my hair line and jaw line.

Day 7 onwards…
Day 7 showed absolutely no signs of any more peeling and I felt extremely chuffed and smug with the results. As Dr Rupert explained, there was no difference in the pigment of my skin, but the glow and smoothness was on another level. It is 100% the best I have ever seen my skin before, and am impressed that I did in fact see a reduction in the pigmentation of my skin. On day 8 I applied my makeup, and found myself not applying as much foundation/concealer as I normally would as I felt so much more confident in the natural appearance of my skin – which is a HUGE thing for me, I amt the first to cover up my skin with makeup! Not only that, but my makeup applied like a dream, as it had the smoothest base to be applied to.

I am wearing makeup in this picture, unlike the others – however not as much foundation/concealer as I normally would!

My overall thoughts
I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone considering it, and looking for a quick but effective treatment. It is so convenient to be able to just pop in for around 30 mins and have a treatment that leaves your skin so refreshed and glowing. What is important to remember, is this isn’t a ‘cheap’ option, costing £200 for the treatment. However, the price is very competitive, especially as you are receiving the treatment from a trusted professional within a top London clinic. If you do want to invest in a treatment like this – I would 100% say GO FOR IT. The results are so incredibly worth it, even more so if it is for a special occasion, and you will be well looked after by Dr Rupert at Viva Skin Clinic.

I also spoke about this treatment in a recent vlog – so if you want to watch that and actually see my skin then head over to watch it here –



*This treatment was complimentary – however all views are my own, and I decided myself to write this blog post to give a further insight into the treatment/results.

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