8 May, 2017


Recently, I’ve seen many an advert about the new modern day craze of having boxed meals delivered to your door. Meals that are just ingredients when they arrive to you, for you to prepare and cook yourself. I have dismissed them as being a waste of money, and paying a premium for the convenience just wouldn’t be worth it.

I decided to give Gousto* a try, and base my opinion on actually trying the food! Signing up to the deliver was very simple and hassle free, you simply click whether it is for 2 or 4 people, enter the postcode for delivery, and what date and time you would like it delivered; then on to choosing how many and which meals you would like! What I loved is that there was an in depth description of the meal you would receive, as well as a picture of what your meal will look like, reliant on your cooking skills going to plan! I also thought there was plenty to choose from, in fact, my boyfriend and I struggled to whittle it down to just 2 choices!

I received the two meals on Sunday 30th April, after selecting this date on Wednesday 27th. It came at the time allotted, which I also think is fab, so you don’t have to be hanging around waiting for a delivery! I had until 3rd May to cook up one of the recipes, and 5th May for another, which is fab for it being fresh ingredients and in case any plans change.

The ingredients were all packaged well, to keep everything fresh and portioned out perfectly for 2 people. Below I have included pictures of the cooking process, plus the final result!


The first recipe we chose was, pork meatballs, sticky rice and chargrilled broccoli. The recipe was definitely really easy to follow, and as you made the meatballs fresh from ingredients provided, it felt really reassuring that you knew exactly what it was you were putting into your food. The recipe took a little longer than 30 mins from start – finish, but probably because we are absolute faffers!

Once finished, this was a complete delight to eat. The meatballs were really flavoursome and along with the rice and broccoli, it was the perfect combo. There was little food waste too, as it was just a bit of rice that we both left.



The second recipe felt like such a treat dinner, but actually not too bad at all. In my opinion they tasted just as good as pizza, and was 100% my favourite recipe of the two. This recipe was super easy and quick to make, but so delicious!! However, we both really didn’t like the dressing included for the salad, but this wasn’t a big part of the meal at all, so this didn’t cause an issue. Apart from the dressing, it comes as no surprise that there weren’t any leftovers for this one!

Overall, I was actually really impressed with the convenience, freshness and taste of the two recipes. The recipe cards given were extremely easy to follow, and having the ingredients right there for you to cook was such a delight. Not having to think about what you’re doing too much after a long day at work, is something I can imagine a lot of people loving. A lot of people work long days now, and the convenience of having the food ready to cook quickly once home is a something I definitely think is worth buying into. It also stops you from ordering unhealthy takeaways, if you are strapped for time, or even inspiration for food!

Now onto the finer details… when ordering a box, the minimum number of meals you can order are 2, and the maximum 4. The more meals you add to your box, the more cost effective it becomes. No matter which recipes you choose, the cost will be the same, £27.49 for 2 meals (£6.87 per serving), £34.99 for 3 meals (£5.83 per serving) and £41.99 for 4 meals (£5.25 per serving). Whilst you could certainly shop cheaper for this, the convenience is key here, and food wastage definitely minimal if none at all. And once one order has been delivered, simply log back into your account and choose your recipes for next week, or if you decide you want to stop for a bit, or just skip one week, you can pause your subscription without any loss or charge.

I would certainly recommend this service to anyone looking for a convenient subscription service. And if you wish to try Gousto, to make your mind up for yourself, then use the code ‘TORNADO’ at checkout to receive £20 off your first and second Gousto orders, meaning your box could cost as little as £7.49, definitely cheaper than a shop!!

Let me know if any of you have tried this service, or decide to do so!


Frances xxx




* This is a sponsored post.





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