7 July, 2017


For a long time, I have been a lover of a good false eyelash to finish off my look. I think years of being in dance shows taught me the art of applying them and I have always reached to them for special occasions, nights our or days where I just want that extra oomph in my look. If you have never worn eyelashes before, I urge you to try them as they can make such a difference to your look!

The one negative about some eyelashes, is that they can feel quite heavy on the eye, especially if you are not used to wearing them, or they can look really ‘false’. I know they are false eyelashes… but I think the trick is with them is, that they look as natural in terms of being your own eyelashes with amazing mascara on, as possible. And I have definitely found the perfect make of lashes to achieve that!! FYI, all of the pictures below have clickable links to buy them, so click on the picture if you like the look of the lashes and you can buy them for yourself!

KISS Lashes* have a few ranges, such as Lash Couture, Blooming Lash and Looks So Natural which can be found at Superdrug and stocked soon at Boots! The different ranges of lashes provide such variety for different occasions. I love the Blooming Lash and Looks So Natural range for days where I want to add length but not too much volume or a really natural look. And the Lash Couture range I love for evenings out where I really want to add volume as well as length.

I find all of the lashes really easy to apply, as they have a thin band, but not too thin that they are too hard to control. This also gives them a more realistic look on the eye as they aren’t as visible and blend in with the natural eyelash. They all come included with glue and the glue included really reminds me of DUO adhesive which was always my favourite, and this one is just as good!! It disappears completely once dry, and holds the lashes for hours upon hours.

I will definitely be using these lashes for a long long time, and what I am so pleased about as well, is that they don’t go tatty after only a few uses. They are not the cheapest on the market, but certainly not the most expensive, but you can wear the same pair over and over, and they still look as good as new; so the price is worth it. You can also find these lashes in my June Favourites video; where you can see a pair of the lashes being worn on me.

Have you ever tried these lashes before?


Frances xxx





*These eyelashes were gifted to me after attending a KISS event, all views and opinions are my own.


  1. Sare says:

    The Kiss Lashes are stunning aren’t they! Pictures look absolutely amazing and I loved this post 😍 xx

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