10 October, 2020


When I first got engaged back in December 2019, planning a wedding during a pandemic was not anticipated! I wrote a few initial thoughts on wedding planning here. I am sure if I knew what was coming I would’ve felt very different – who knew what 2020 had in store for us, hey!

As a 2021 bride, it is quite hard to talk about how you feel without feeling slightly guilty, mainly because I haven’t had to go through with having my wedding cancelled/postponing, or narrowing my guest list down, yet…!! And that is realistically what I am worried about as a future bride, that we won’t get the day we dream of and we won’t be able to celebrate with the people we love. Sounds super pessimistic, but this year has been so uncertain hasn’t it? It’s hard to hold onto the positives at this point, but I feel like we must!

Wedding tablescape set up, grey linen and gold tableware.

I’ve seen a lot of talk surrounding weddings online, and a lot of people have got annoyed at others for talking negatively about future weddings online, but I think peoples worried feelings about the future of what weddings will look like are valid! After all, many will have dreamed for a long time about the day they wish to have, and I never thought I would plan a day with the niggling thought in my mind of whether it will go ahead or be how I planned.

I also feel kind of sad that I have lost the fun of planning the wedding. Of course, we have still had fun being able to look online for inspiration, but we actually spent from March-August/September pretty much not planning anything because as I have said life has been pretty uncertain and the enthusiasm to plan a wedding that may not even go ahead when so many people are cancelling theirs just was not there. We started planning/making our save the dates 5 months ago and still have not finished them, out of fear they wouldn’t be needed anyway… probably a bit dramatic! Plus there were a million other things to worry about!

Everything we have now done in the past month or so has been virtually, which has actually been a much better experience than I could have anticipated and the wonderful suppliers we have been in contact with have still made it a great experience. I finally feel like the ball is rolling again and we just have to get on with planning it, keeping hopeful that life may be somewhat different and if we can’t have the day we want, well we will just cross that bridge when it comes to it.

I have to be honest, ne thing that has really got me, is the restrictions on the number of people I can take dress shopping. I have honestly dreamt of this moment for a very long time, sounds super cliche I know, but with a very tight knit family, I always knew I wanted to take a few people with me and now only being able to take one, I feel kind of sad that I am having this moment stripped from me. But I know that I am fortunate to still have those people in my life after this tough year and that they will see me in my dress when our day (hopefully) happens!

Wedding venue staircase, with greenery, candles and lanterns.

It’s not all negative around here though, and I wanted to share a few points that I have found useful whilst trying to plan a wedding through a pandemic:

Love truly does conquer all
With the restrictions on weddings, I have seen so many beautiful and intimate weddings. And whilst we are both very clear on why we want to get married and what it means for us, I think that this whole situation has made me realise even more that it’s not just about the wedding but the marriage.

Ask your suppliers about their covid/cancellation policy
For that extra peace of mind as you book further suppliers, be upfront and ask about their policies, just so you know where you stand if it comes to it and you have to change the date/cancel.

Surround yourself with the people you love
I know this might be more difficult at the moment what with restrictions, but even if it is just over the phone/via facetime, chat to your nearest and dearest and vent when you need to! It really does help and their positive words and words of wisdom may just help.

And future brides, don’t feel guilty about feeling uncertain and upset about what you may be missing out on. No matter what shape or form it comes in, we will get our day and I am sure it will exceed our expectations in every way!


  1. Suzanne1984 says:

    Love you excited for next year ❤️❤️❤️ xxx

  2. Danielle says:

    I cannot even begin to imagine how stressful his must be for you!

    Danielle xx

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