11 April, 2016

REVIEW: Michael Van Clarke ‘Holding Spray’



I cannot believe it has been almost two months since I last blogged.. two months!?! I honestly do not know where the time has gone, life has been crazily busy, but I am happy to be back.

It was actually also about two months ago I stumbled across Michael Van Clarke’s range, whilst perusing the Space NK website (as I often find myself doing). I don’t usually spend that much on hair products, and normally opt for a boots own brand hairspray for everyday use, but I really wanted to try something different and loved the look of his holding spray. I am not sure why this one particularly stood out to me on the website, but I decided to take the plunge and splash out!

I didn’t really know what I was expecting from it, as I don’t ever style my hair in a way that really needs to be fixed into place (I have a bob, for those who don’t know), but I did know that I wanted it to add extra volume and keep my hair in its bouncy shape all day long. I was also really focused on the fact that it claimed to have ‘conditioning agents’ as I always worry that using products on my hair will dry it out.

  Firstly, I really like the packaging, it stands out a lot more than any other hairsprays I have ever used, maybe that is why I was drawn to it? It has a really professional look to it and I feel as if I am using something straight out of the salon.

I am actually really impressed by this product, and understand why it is more expensive than an average hairspray. It does add extra volume to my hair and keeps my hair in its perfect bouncy bob shape all day long, yay! In terms of the claim of it having ‘conditioning agents’ within it, I have actually noticed a difference in my hair, it feels much more revived and soft to touch, especially as my poor hair goes through blow-drying and straightening every single day, as well as not getting cut as often as it should!

I have had this product for around 2 months now, and have used it every day. I still have a reasonable amount left (when I shake the can I can guess it is still about half full..  very technical measurement). I will definitely be repurchasing as well as the rest of the range, I will be sure to get back to you all on the rest. You can find the holding spray here on the Space NK website!


Frances xxx

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