I honestly don’t think there is much else that beats the anticipation that builds up inside of you when you are waiting to go to the airport for a holiday, whether it be a hot or cold city break or beach holiday – the excitement is truly real! Just thinking about it wants me to book a holiday immediately! Despite the excitement for the holiday, it can be a little stressful too – making sure you have everything with you, everyone is present and that you are keeping an eye on the time so as to not miss your flight.

Fortunately for me, there isΒ one solution to take away that stress and reinstate all the buzz and the excitement, and it is without a doubt the shopping at World Duty Free. Pretty sure I am sometimes more excited for the shopping than the actual holiday, haha! Anyone else with me?! Having all of my favourite brands in one place, and at tax free prices is the absolute BEST. I always take the opportunity to stock up on my favourite beauty pieces, and often find myself picking something up from the MAC counter – it has been one of my favourite brands for a very long time! So after declaring my love for beauty shopping at the airport to you, I thought it only appropriate to show you some of the amazing travel pieces that World Duty Free Beauty can offer you at the airport, which they kindly sent to me just over 3 weeks ago (I don’t normally do reviews so quickly with beauty products, but as only one of the items is skincare and I have used it more than enough times to get a true feel for the product, I thought I would go ahead!)


I have already declared my undying love for MAC above, it has and I think will alwyas be one of my favourite makeup brands. It is the first brand I found a foundation that truly catered for my ‘needs full coverage, but not drying and very pale’ needs. So when I opened the box of goodies I was ecstatic to see this palette in there! It is a beautiful mix of golden/amber shimmers and mattes – RIGHT up my street!Β All the shadows are creamy to apply, and it has been my go to palette since it arrived, with so many compliments on how it makes the colour of my eyes pop over on my Instagram, which is very appreciated, so I know that it is a good’un!


I have only ever tired mini versions of Glam Glow, but everything I have had has been a dreaaamm, and so refreshing for my skin. Pair that with the fact I love an overnight mask/treatment for my skin, I had high hopes for this. When I took the lid off, I was abit confused at the grey substance on one side of the split pot, but the divine smell (smells like a piΓ±a colada, but better!) soon cured that and I couldn’t wait to take my makeup off and drench my skin in the hydrating goodness! The Overnight treatment has two steps, hence the two sides to the pot and feels incredibly silky smooth when applying both steps to the skin.

The pearly white step is first, and this is a melt-in serum including Green Coffee and Green Tea Leaf which you apply and leave for around 30 seconds before the second step. This step leaves my skin feeling slightly tacky, but without a doubt can feel the difference it is making straight away as it does exactly what it says on the tin and melts into the skin. After the 30 seconds, you then apply the grey moisture boost, which includes Hyaluronic Acid which gets an absolute YES from me!! This instantly takes away the tacky feeling and you can really feel it hydrating straight away, which sounds crazy?! And the results in the morning are amazing!! My skin feels so much plumper and hydrated, which is a hard task for my very dry skin! I have not wanted to stop using this, but definitely need to calm down else it’ll be gone before I know it – DEFINITELY pick this one up on your next airport trip!


This little set was very exciting to receive, as I have never before tried the NARS lipsticks. I have, of course, tried the cult Sheer Glow foundation and a few other products which I have loved, so was really excited to give these a try. And the shades included are shades that I would pick up myself, which was a delight! The shades are insanely pigmented, and so creamy to apply – definitely perfect for a long day at work or out as the colour lasts really well and without drying my lips, which is a huge bonus. The pink/nude shade is the perfect shade for everyday, and exactly the shade I would use for everyday anyway. The other two are a bold classic red, and a deep burgundy – again, two of my favourite shades and perfect for an evening out when you are being daring and stepping away from the nude lip. The packaging is one of my favourite thing about these lipsticks, the all black is so sleek, a real winner with me.

And there you have it, the three items I was lucky enough to receive from World Duty Free Beauty! I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have any of these items, or plan on bagging any of them the next time you fly. And in case you didn’t know you can also pre-order items to the airport you are flying from their website to pick up and pay before your flight, making your shopping experience super seamless! With tonnes of brands to choose from in addition to the three I have mentioned such as, Jo Malone, Burberry and Elizabeth Arden you are really spoilt for choice – happy duty free shopping!!


As mentioned in the post, these products were gifted. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Out on a school night with all my fave people, again πŸ™ˆ
Trying to keep the photo as candid as poss to run with the theme of my evening out 😏 The first #KeepingItCandid live event - v excited to watch the beauts @sophiemilner_fs and @millie_cotton πŸ’•
Sun-day fun-day β˜€οΈ Made a spontaneous trip into London to meet my girl @ohitssare_, and can confirm London is GLORIOUS in the sun ❀️ Picked this cute little green number up in @topshop and couldn’t help but put it on straight away - anyone else as impatient as me when they buy new clothes? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Now on my way home and I cannot wait for a huge cup of tea whilst binge watching Riverdale on Netflix πŸ™ˆ
Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend lapping up the sunshine 🌞
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Very glad the sun decided to stick around for the weekend 🌞
Was feeling all kinds of crabby this morning when we woke up to builders banging, drilling and sawing away at the flat next door on a SATURDAY. But a bit of sun, and an iced latte on a roof top coffee truck sorted me right out πŸ™ŒπŸΌ amazing what a bit of sun can do to your mood β˜€οΈβœŒπŸΌ
HELLO FRIDAY πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ₯‚ Was feeling kinda sorry for myself that on the hottest days of the year so far I’d been stuck inside, so I was adamant that I’d lap up the last of the sun this evening β˜€οΈ and I did just that, with the first bbq of the year being an absolute success βœ”οΈ even if it was a disposable one from Tesco as we don’t own the real deal πŸ™ˆ
Hoping the sun sticks around for a little longer so we can all have fabulous sun-filled weekends 🌞
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