Anyone who knows me well, will know that I most definitely do not eat to live, rather I live to eat! Food is one of my most favourite things in life, so when the opportunity to attend a Bloggers Breakfast* at The Ivy Cambridge appeared in my emails, I absolutely couldn’t miss it. I still feel relatively new to Cambridge in the grand scheme of things, so to get a chance to meet fellow bloggers from the area, as well as try a new restaurant in town, sounded like the perfect combination for a Wednesday morning.

Breakfast for us was at 8.30, a time I am used to with work – but notย a great time to battle your way through traffic in Cambridge, but I made it in good time and was so hopeful that the breakfast would be worth it! The Ivy Cambridge is on Trinity Street, completely central in Cambridge – so the perfect spot for breakfast before your shopping, lunch/afternoon tea midway through your shopping, dinner after your shopping, or all three if you’re feeling really fancy! They take bookings for all three, as well as walk ins – but I would book to avoid disappointment if I were you!

Upon entering I was honestly blown away by the interior. The plants scattered around give such a calming feel, which is great when you want to relax and enjoy your food. There are different sections of design that flowย beautifully and work incredibly well together, a dream if you want to capture some beautiful photos during your meal! Which is definitely what I did, leading me on to talk about the food…

I started off with a well needed coffee (it was 8.30 after all!) and opted for an Almond Milk Latte, and you can see for yourself how incredible it looked, and it tasted even better than that! One thing I would mention is I did ask for soya milk in my drink, as I don’t drink normal milk anymore, which unfortunately they didn’t have – it wasn’t a problem for me at all, and they may have it now as I did go on the very first morning! But actually Almond Milk is more delicious in coffee, so I am very grateful for having it instead! We were provided with a sample menu and I quickly made my decision of Eggs Royale (one of my faves), and then proceeded to get food envy when Lizzie’s fluffly pancakes arrived (they will definitely be the choice next time I am there). After guzzling my coffee down very quickly on arrival, I also decided to order a ‘Beet It’ย juice – beetroot, apple, lemon and ginger – which was SO refreshing and the perfect compliment to literally the tastiestย Eggs Royale I have ever had!

The lovely ladies who hosted the Blogger Breakfast then took us on a quick whizz around tour of the building and the toilets were beautiful and very clean – always a winner with me! And the real showstopper was private dining room ‘The Boat Room’ – which holds 40 standing or 16 seated, ideal for a really special occasion, or if you just prefer to be tucked away with family/friends. It was the most elegant and stunning room, a real treat!

Overall, I was really impressed by The Ivy Cambridge, I could not fault the service or the food, and upon looking at the menu was very impressed with the prices too! It perfectly lived up to the expectations that I had of it and more, so much so that I will be returning for Afternoon Tea or Lunch (it is proving hard to choose between the two) with my Grandparents for my birthday on 17th April – just the three of us having a delicious treat as everyone else will be at work! I absolutely cannot wait to go back, and try more of the menu. A definite gem to have joined the cobbled streets of Cambridge, and one that will be extremely popular with both residents and visitors to the city.



*My food/drink here was complimentary, but as always all views and opinions are my own.


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