I have to admit, I am an absolute sucker for Valentine’s Day. Companies reign my in every year, and I just love it! I have always loved the fuss around it, and remember as a little girl my Dad would bring me home a bunch of flowers and a card, or my parents would manage to land one on our doorstep for me from ‘?’ – I LOVED IT!

With gifting being a serious process nowadays, it is often too easy to get bogged down by all the options, not even knowing where to look! Over the years I have spent a lot of time scrolling through carefully crafted gift guides to help me with my gifting, and as a person who loves nothing more than giving gifts and seeing the wonderful smile on the recipients face, I cannot believe I have never done one before?! SOOOO.. I thought it was about time to change that! I have searched the web for gifts I know that I would love (alot of it stuff that I actually own myself), plus thrown a few extras in there too! Whether it is for a friend, family member, girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife, or for yourself… I have put together this gift guide to give you a little helping hand… with everything from perfume* (one of my ultimate fave gifts to give and recieve) to socks! I hope you find something to inspire any Valentine’s purchases!








So, there you have it! A huge Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! I am very envious of any gift a lucky person may receive from the huge array in here, and would really love to know what you will be buying for a loved one this Valentine’s (I love hearing about other peoples gifts), especially if it is something from here!





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  1. Megan McCoig
    25 January 2018 at 9:51 pm

    Ah so many good bits in here, I may need to treat myself (oops!). I never knew L’Occitane did a perfume and now I need to sniff. Also, I’ve got my eye on that Gucci belt! 😍 xx


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I didn’t realise until later on this afternoon that it is #InternationalHappinessDay today, and it actually got me thinking. Number one, about how it is SO important to choose happiness. Sometimes it may not be the easiest option at that moment in time, whether it means cutting toxic people out of your life, or deciding that the career path you’ve worked solidly to succeed in just isn’t making you happy. But recognising what makes you unhappy is half the battle, and making those changes will be worth it in the long run 💫 
And secondly, it’s okay not be okay, or not feel happy ALL of the time. We all have our down days, some more than others - but know that there are always people out there who will help you to find happiness and support you every step of the way ❤️
Happy Monday!!
It was a real struggle to get out of bed this morning, but I did it 👊🏼 I had a very chilled weekend, despite it ending with my laptop breaking on me - which isn’t so great 🙄 but I still managed to publish a new post, one that I haven’t been sure whether to push live, on ‘should all bloggers be paid?’ Link in bio 💫 📸 @sarahellen_photography
I have had the most glorious Friday off work wandering around Cambridge, in the sun!! Fri-nally!! 😉 I love how I always manage to discover a little corner I haven’t seen before every time I’m in the centre. Now back home, ready to cosy in for the evening with fajitas and a cheeky G&T 😋 hope you all have the best starts to your weekend ❤️
Last day of the working week for me 🙌🏼 very much looking forward to a 3 day weekend! Will need about 50 cups of coffee to keep me functioning today though, this constant change in English weather makes me feel SO sleepy 😴☀️☔️ Have a good day all ❤️
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