1 January, 2017


Life is one big journey, and one that is full of ups and down, no matter who you are (soppy, I know). So many people are setting new years resolutions, goals for the next year, but I just wanted to reflect on what has happened in the past year and what it has taught me! Because realistically, I probably wouldn’t stick to any resolutions anyway…


Do what makes you happy, not others.

This is such an important thing for everyone to remember. So many of us live to please others, in turn forsaking our own happiness. I have seen it happen at first hand, and sacrificing things you want to do to please others can really lead to being miserable and even resenting others. I’m not saying be completely selfish, but sometimes you just have to say no to something you do not want to do, and ignore those nasty comments when doing things that make you happy. This brings me onto my next point…

You do not have to conform to what society/peers expect you to do.

Leaving University in 2015 was a massive learning curve for me, and this continued into 2016. Just last week I was asked how University was going and once again had to say I am not there anymore, to which this answer normally leads to a face drop and a ‘oh, so what are you doing now then?’, as if University is the only answer for people my age. Just because society portrays an ‘ideal’ (I mean, what even is that anyway?), does not mean you have to be doing exactly that, and that goes for absolutely anything you do in life. This also leads on to peer pressure, if you want to stay in watching TV and eating takeaway pizza rather than go out until 3am,  you do that, and vice versa.


People will always have something to say.

Now that social media is so popular, and pretty much part of our every day lives, there is no escaping peoples judgements. I absolutely love seeing what people are up to, where they are taking their holidays, what they get up to at the weekend, mainly because (and I am happy to admit it) I am a bit nosey. Unfortunately, some people love it just to slate people for what they are doing. I know I sound like such a negative Nancy about people, but what I am trying to say is no matter where you live, who you know, there will be someone out there with something to say. These opinions really do not matter, or define who you are, so just carry on doing what you do and love.

Surround yourself with those you love

Friends and family are so important, and making sure you surround yourself with those who will continue to support and encourage you is vital. Having positive people around you, who will love you no matter what in turn creates a positive and happy person! Make time for the important people, these memories will last a lifetime.


Being kind goes a long way

We all have our off days, and days where we just can’t be bothered to talk to people. But be kind. We don’t know what people are going through, and that smile you gave them, or thank you when they did something for you might mean more than you will ever know.

I hope this has been an insightful post and given you the boost for an amazing 2017!! Happy New Year to you all, I wish you all a happy, healthy and fun filled year.


Frances xxx


Photos by Katherine McMorran



11 responses to “WHAT 2016 TAUGHT ME”

  1. Georgie says:

    I absolutely loved every second of reading this post. It is so honest, open and true, I can relate to every single point. 2017 is your year girl, go for it! xxxxx

  2. Kasie says:

    Wow these pictures are gorgeous!! And such a honest post, I ageee with everything you said. I didn’t go to uni and I know people now who did but are still paying off debts years later and don’t have a job. So much pressure now days. Great post lovely xo

  3. Alina Sirbu says:

    Great post lovely! Loved every point and I feel like I can relate to every single one of it! Also the pictures look amazing! Have a fantastic 2017 x

  4. So relatable and your photos are bloody stunning! All the best for 2017 X

  5. Kirby Small says:

    Such an honest and relatable post! Gorgeous photos too – I think I’m in love with your bag! Happy New Year xxx

  6. Rosie says:

    Such a brilliant and honest post! So refreshing! So glad I’ve read this!

  7. happywiseowl says:

    Great post – I think we all need reminding of these things every now & again!
    Em x

  8. genuinedrop says:

    I love this post Frances ? you’re absolutely right, continue doing what you think is right.

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