1 March, 2017



Welcome back to my blog, this time with a completely new design and my very own domain!!! I am SO excited to finally share this with you all, and am so pleased with the outcome, (it’s taken me long enough to just get on and do it!) so I hope you love it too.

Obviously, this wasn’t an overnight change, and it got me thinking about general change in life. Often, change is seen as a negative thing, but I believe change can definitely be good, and we should embrace it! So, I’ve compiled a little list of why I think change can be brill for us all…


Change helps you grow

Change can often force us to adapt to situations we never thought we would find ourselves in. Without realising, this can actually lead to building a stronger, more resilient personality and is a huge way of pushing personal growth.

Change helps you experience more

Change gives you the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. When you look back on the life you’ve lived so far, there has without a doubt been a lot of change. All of the opportunities that have been presented to you, have probably been the outcome of change. New experiences teach us life lessons and make who you are today, embrace this!


Change reveals your strengths

Certain situations that arise force us to accept changes, and without this you may never realise your own strengths, or the lengths you can push yourself to!

Change breaks routine

It is often so easy to get stuck into a rut of doing the same thing, day in and day out. And personally, I can find this quite boring! Change makes life much more of an adventure, keeps your mind active and not fixed on the negatives of life becoming mundane and boring.

Change makes bad things temporary

All of us will go through hard times in our life, but what is important to remember, is that most of these bad times are temporary. Change is always happening, and whilst these things don’t always just disappear, change can help us to move on from this and help us to reach out to new opportunities and stages of our lives.

Change is inevitable

Imagine if absolutely nothing in our lives changed?! This would make life sooo boring, and not allow us to meet all the crazy amazing people that many of us have in our life!! We wouldn’t experience new things, grow, or even learn anything! Change is certainly scary, but one of the most important things that we face constantly in life.

I realise this post sounds soooo cheesy and like YAY life haha, but I just felt like actually, getting stuck in a rut and feeling like life is just one loop of the same old actually leads to a very dull, uninspired life, something I can be guilty of myself! Embracing change is definitely key!


Frances xxx















21 responses to “WHY CHANGE IS GOOD”

  1. Rachael Dickinson says:

    I adore change!
    Rachael xox

  2. Mary Rick says:

    My darling Frances you are so wise for your age, you speak with such passion and understanding. Brilliant thought provoking blog which has helped me with everything that’s going on at the moment. Love you beautiful girl. Auntie Mary ❤❤❤xxx

    • Frances Hemmant says:

      Ahh Auntie Mary, thank you so much!! You’ve put a smile on my face. So glad I’ve helped! Love you more xxxx

  3. amycoles2016 says:

    I’m one of those people who actually loves change! Your new blog looks gorgeous too x

    • Frances Hemmant says:

      It can be daunting at times, but I think I am too! I can get bored quite easily hehe! Thanks so much lovely xxx

  4. Sarah says:

    Loved this post Frances! Change is definitely needed in my life right now, love the new layout of your blog as well boo boo!

    Sare x

  5. lydiaxnicole says:

    This is fab and so true! Definitely going to be remembering some of these points in future ?

  6. This is one of the better blogpost i’ve read in a while! I’m glad your back blogging, because you have a talent for writing. You make some excellent and valid points, I need to remember those! Change is good sometimes, lay out is great!

    x Marc

  7. Gee knight says:

    Such a great post! Change can definitely be a great thing it’s scary but it allows us to grow xx

    Wise words xxx

  8. Gee knight says:

    Such a lovely post! Change can definitely be scary but allows us to grow xxx

  9. Serena Reidy says:

    Love this post, definitely agree that change is important, it enables us to grow and experience new things 🙂

  10. Your outfit is just as gorgeous as this post x

  11. Megan mccoig says:

    I so agree with these and love this post. I am definitely one for change as it’s changed routine. I hate being stuck in a boring old routine!!

    Megan x

  12. Kirby Small says:

    All such good points! Gotta change to move forward! Xx

  13. hannah says:

    Looking forward to reading more from you lovely! 🙂 A change is always good, isn’t it? I just get so anxious about it sometimes!

    • Frances Hemmant says:

      Thanks honey!! Yes, a change is definitely good. I completely understand why people get anxious about it, but it is definitely so important to remember why change can be good xxx

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