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So, I am slighty late on the New Years post bandwagon… although, better late than never?!

I honestly had such a busy and hectic Christmas, I felt like I blinked and it was gone! It felt so good just to spend time with family, and switch off from the world. Without even realising I took a very small digital detox – I still posted a few times – but not once did I find myself sat scrolling, as I just didn’t have the time, and it felt so good. It also gave me the time to reflect on 2017, and wow I hadn’t quite realised what a year it had been for me.

2017 definitely was one of the biggest years for me, in every sense of the word, and one of my favourites so far! When reflecting on what I had done, as I was putting together a little Insta story highlight reel (which is still on the ‘highlights’ bit of my page if you want to see), I also realised just how hard I am on myself… actually, no, I already knew that… but it definitely put it into perspective even more.

Although a year can go very quickly, it actually is a very long time, and you forget how much can change in just a year – I certainly did! In 2017 alone, I turned 21, and had the absolute time of my life! (See my 21st vlog here). I watched Matthew graduate, which was definitely one of my proudest moments of the year! And before he graduated he also found out that he had got his first grad job, which meant we were moving to Cambridge!! Whilst this wasn’t planned, it was without a doubt the best thing that happened to us in 2017 – we are both so settled here, love our beautiful new (2 bedroom, so ALL the room for sleepovers!) flat, and it has definitely been a chance for us to realise what we both want for the future. With the move, I also took the plunge and left retail after 2 years, and moved into a career in Digital Marketing. And then early December I got my first car – my beaut little Mini, which is SO amazing to have, the freedom is just incredible!! They were just a few things that happened this year, so it was definitely a good one!

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2017 as a whole was a year that really grounded me, and finally gave me the long awaited sense of knowing (if only slightly) where my path in life may be headed. I realised that the little things in life really are the most important. To surround myself with people I love, and to cherish every moment with them. I also realised JUST how important taking care of yourself is, and vow to myself that this is the year I will read more, drink more water, read more, and exercise as much as possible.

This all got me reaaally thinking. 2017 was just fab, and this positivity that it brought to me has made me SO ready for 2018.

  • I am ready for even more changes, you can’t grow without change.
  • I am ready to work HARD!! It is so true that a lot of the time, hard work really can pay off – and I cannot wait to see what I can make from hard work, both in my job and blog!
  • I am ready to take care of myself more, as mentioned above.
  • I am ready to know when to take breaks, and switch off, even from social media – it is so good for the mind.
  • I am ready to cherish every single moment, because life goes so quickly.
  • And most of all, I am so ready to stop thinking too much. This year has really taught me to just live, stop comparing myself and just be proud of every little baby step I take.

NO strict resolutions made to be measured, cos lets be honest I will never stick to them and would be automatically setting myself up for failure… instead I am looking forward to just embracing everything that life throws at me, and having a bloomin’ lovely time… oh, and drinking ALOT of Gin.


Frances xxx


  1. Megan McCoig
    6 January 2018 at 10:22 am

    Yes girl! Love this post. I am so ready to make more memories in 2018 with you hehe xxx

    • Frances Hemmant
      7 January 2018 at 5:22 pm

      Thank you gorg!! Aww YAY SAME!! Love you ❤️

  2. Mary Rick
    6 January 2018 at 12:51 pm

    You make an old aunty very proud and it’s been so good seeing you more often now Your nearer (three times in December much better than twice a year). Lots of love 2018 will be fab for you and Matthew I just no it xxx

  3. rachaeldickinson
    7 January 2018 at 8:30 pm

    I feel that is how I am changing this year! I have always worked hard but I am ready to work HARD – give it my all!!

    Rachael xox

  4. missshanlouise
    12 January 2018 at 10:37 am

    This was such a lovely post! I’m so glad you had the best year last year with some incredible moments, I’m hoping 2018 will be just as incredible for me! I definitely need to learn to switch off at night and look after myself more, and you’re so right, you can’t grow without change! x

    Shan | http://www.missshanlouise.com


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Out on a school night with all my fave people, again 🙈
Trying to keep the photo as candid as poss to run with the theme of my evening out 😏 The first #KeepingItCandid live event - v excited to watch the beauts @sophiemilner_fs and @millie_cotton 💕
Sun-day fun-day ☀️ Made a spontaneous trip into London to meet my girl @ohitssare_, and can confirm London is GLORIOUS in the sun ❤️ Picked this cute little green number up in @topshop and couldn’t help but put it on straight away - anyone else as impatient as me when they buy new clothes? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Now on my way home and I cannot wait for a huge cup of tea whilst binge watching Riverdale on Netflix 🙈
Hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend lapping up the sunshine 🌞
.📷 @sarahellen_photography
Very glad the sun decided to stick around for the weekend 🌞
Was feeling all kinds of crabby this morning when we woke up to builders banging, drilling and sawing away at the flat next door on a SATURDAY. But a bit of sun, and an iced latte on a roof top coffee truck sorted me right out 🙌🏼 amazing what a bit of sun can do to your mood ☀️✌🏼
HELLO FRIDAY 😍🙌🏼🥂 Was feeling kinda sorry for myself that on the hottest days of the year so far I’d been stuck inside, so I was adamant that I’d lap up the last of the sun this evening ☀️ and I did just that, with the first bbq of the year being an absolute success ✔️ even if it was a disposable one from Tesco as we don’t own the real deal 🙈
Hoping the sun sticks around for a little longer so we can all have fabulous sun-filled weekends 🌞
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