January as a month itself is just a little bit bleugh, right? We all feel a bit lost after the Christmas celebrations, we are back at work after sleeping in almost every day, and no matter how positive we are feeling about the new year and the goals we want to achieve, the lull of January just cannot be helped.

And then comes Blue Monday…

For me, I think Blue Monday seems worse because we give it a name, it is like I am literally waiting for a bad day, and Monday is already bad enough without the word blue in front of it?? I am basically setting myself up for failure… great!

However, if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen a tweet I wrote around a week ago stating how determined I was to make small changes in my life, for a better me. Albeit very small changes, like drinking more water, moisturising my body more and moving/exercising more – which I also mentioned in my most recent post – but all changes that are focused on ME, self care changes which I am determined will have a positive impact on my day to day life, and keep me in that springy bubbly mood, which I love!

This got me thinking… if I am going to make these changes for good and stick to them, what better day to really combat this than BLUE MONDAY?!?! So today, I vow to myself to absolutely make this day a #YouMonday!


So, for my #YouMonday, I have decided to do nothing other than one of my favourite things when I come home from work… have the longest soak in a hot bath, and I CANNOT WAIT!

After a long day at work, I often struggle to really wind down properly, even whilst taking a bath, so this evening I’ve got a little helping hand from the amazing Gemporia ‘Purify’ Spa Collection, perfect for winding down and purifying both my body and mind – essential for a gal like me who can never seem to stop that little brain from whizzing thoughts around her head!

The collection includes (all of which smell DIVINE):

  •  Shimmer wash: This gives more of a glow than a full on glitter.
  • Bath Essence: This is a personal favourite of mine. When poured into the bath, the aroma it gives is so beautiful. It really clears my mind and helps me to relax in the bath without worrying about anything else I feel like I should be doing.
  • Candle: Now you all know I LOVE a candle, and the gemstones in this make it even more beautiful, whilst the purifying scent adds to the aroma.
  • Gemstone: The Purify collection is based around the gemstone included, and is such a lovely touch and keepsake.
  • Body Lotion: The perfect finishing touch after a bath. And most definitely helps to keep on the #YouMonday track and looking after your body!
  • Lavender Scented Pillow: I keep this on my pillow and then move it onto my bedside table when sleeping, and the subtle scent of Lavender (as someone who doesn’t usually love lavender, I can confirm this is so subtle and not sickly sweet) really helps me to drift off to sleep without any tossing and turning.

I am honestly SO glad I have such a lovely little collection to pamper myself with this evening, and not only one I know that works wonders – but looks amazing in my bathroom too. All of the products are luxurious to use, and in such beautiful packaging; the glass containers really give a spa feel to it and I am incredibly excited for my future self this evening!

Here is to us all turning a #BlueMonday into a #YouMonday!


Frances xxx




  1. Polly
    16 January 2018 at 8:06 am

    #YouMonday is such a good idea – that candle is absolutely beautiful! Absolutely loving your blog and vlogs lately!

    Polly |

    • Frances Hemmant
      16 January 2018 at 9:31 pm

      Aww thank you Polly!!! That honestly means the world that you are enjoying them – thanks so much for reading xxx


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